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CNC Operator - HSS TAPS

Asheboro, NC, United States

Posted: 6-Apr-2017

Ref#: 12345703665

CNC Operator - HSS TAPS

Job Summary:

Set up and operate machines listed in Machine Class A category.  Must be able to use measuring equipment and instruments and stay within specified tolerances.  Must have ability to maintain production rates, and read complex manufacturing prints.

Essential Functions:

  1. Perform all activities in a 100% safe manner and adhere to all KMT EHS guidelines.
  2. Read complex manufacturing prints.
  3. Understand tool geometry.
  4. Understand machine operation.
  5. Perform set-ups on machines for machining product.
  6. Understand concentricity.
  7. Ability to change wheels and know appropriate wheel required for specific task.
  8. Use comparator.
  9. Check various measurements on tools using appropriate measuring equipment.
  10. Manufacture tools to specific tolerances.
  11. Computer knowledge for CNC Machinery.
  12. Be able to perform program changes when required.
  13. Ability to dress wheels when required.
  14. Pack tools after manufactured.

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