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PVD Coating Operator

Asheboro, NC, United States

Posted: 6-Apr-2017

Ref#: 12345703663

Job Description and Qualifications:




Job Summary:

Responsible for PVD coating of various cutting tools, this includes receiving products to be coated (internally and externally), prioritizing product flow, cleaning and/or verifying cleanliness of products to be coated.



Essential Functions:


  1. Perform all activities in a 100% safe manner and adhere to all KMT EHS guidelines.
  2. Operate PVD Coating Reactors per specific procedures and/or work instructions. This requires the monitoring of temperatures, gas flows, vacuum levels and process timing while reporting and/or correcting and abnormal occurrence in the operation of the furnace or reactor.
  3. Prepare products for coating which includes, cleaning, assembly and loading of heats.
  4. Prepare products for next process step which includes, unloading PVD Reactor, verifying product quality specifications are met and if necessary the disassembly of heats.
  5. Maintain inventory of and order supplies as needed.
  6. Require knowledge of applicable hazardous materials including safe handling and disposal.
  7. Assist in the troubleshooting and repair of equipment problems.
  8. Responsible for required preventive maintenance of equipment such as seals, shield change, filaments, etc.
  9. Additional duties as required.

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