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Additive Manufacturing Development Engineer

Latrobe, PA, United States

Posted: 4-Sep-2017

Ref#: 12345708020

Research and Development Responsibilities:

  • Process and new materials development using additive technology, binder jetting and laserbed processes
  • Develop process chain for steel, metal matrix composites, and ceramic alloys
  • Understand materials science and metallurgy of additive components
  • Collaborate with University and National labs
  • Project lead additive development projects
  • Propose and conduct design of experiments and coordinate tasks with other R&D engineers, managers, technicians
  • Formulate ideas and resolve technical issues related to printing process, sintering, finishing for tooling and wear applications
  • Work with business leaders in new product development, transition development to manufacturing, quality and validate manufacturing changes, equipment or process.
  • Determine appropriate manufacturing methods and strategies to reduce costs and meet critical to quality requirements


  • Ph.D. in materials science or related field with experience is required
  • GPA 3.5 or above is required

Desired experience: 

  • Experience with additive manufacturing, binder jetting, laser bed process, freeform deposition of metals, ceramics, metal matrix composites
  • Materials systems: tool steel, ceramic materials with processing experience
  • Sinter distortion modeling, laserbed distortion modeling and prediction 
  • Project management, leadership, and group experience

Additional experience:

  • Design software including Magics, CAD, lattice structures, topology optimization
  • FEA modeling, predicting distortion and thermal stress for laserbed process
  • Sintering and distortion modeling
  • Design and CAD, Magics
  • Precision machining, finishing for additive
  • Working with manufacturing, transition and support, quality control
  • Background in sintering, powder metallurgy, and forming

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