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Manufacturing Engineer

Roanoke Rapids, NC, United States

Posted: 28-Mar-2017

Ref#: 12345703366

This position works under the supervision of the department manager.  Most areas of responsibility are reviewed on a weekly basis.  Monthly reports are prepared and submitted to the Manager to report progress on insert manufacturing, quality improvements, and related projects which support the key accountability and objectives of the Roanoke Rapids Manufacturing Plant.  Informal updates on plant specific issues are provided as required.  Major goals and projects are reviewed with the department manager at least once per year.

  • Continuous improvement of process and equipment resulting in an increase of productivity and a decrease in manufacturing cost.
  • Design, manufacturing and/or specification of tooling and equipment to support production needs.  This includes obtaining quotes for outside services, machine parts, tooling, and equipment.
  • Written procedures and specifications to control manufacturing and quality of metalcutting inserts.
  • Transition of products and processes from Technology or other manufacturing plants.
  • Installation of new and/or rebuild equipment in manufacturing.


1. Understand and acknowledge day to day responsibilities for environmental, health and safety, develop action plans resulting from EHS surveys or audits and periodically meet with or provide progress reports to the incumbent’s supervisor, the EHS administrator or the Plant Manager regarding fulfillment of EHS responsibilities.

2. Plan and complete engineering projects under the direction of the Department Manager.  Specific responsibilities will vary depending on the nature of the project; however, the manufacturing engineer will be expected to perform the following:

  • Develop formal project plans that include action items and completion dates.
  • Provide direction to both internal and external resources to ensure timely completion of project steps
  • Secure funding for major purchases through the preparation of AFE’s, including economic justification
  • Plan the layout and direct the installation of new or rebuilt equipment
  • Conduct process qualification studies for equipment to verify process capability
  • Provide operator training
  • Design, specify and/or implement tooling, equipment and processes to reduce setup time and improve productivity
  • Participate in continuous improvement projects


3. Provide maintenance support for the department and plant as needed

  • Provide direction to both internal and external resources to maintain existing equipment
  • Troubleshoot equipment
  • Write preventive maintenance procedures


4. Customer Service

  • Resolve customer technical issues
  • Support the transition of new products and processes

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