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CNC Machinist - Whitehouse, OH

Whitehouse, OH, United States

Posted: 4-Sep-2017

Ref#: 12345708042

To set-up periphery grinders to produce quality products at blueprint specifications.




Set-up multiple cam and/or computer numerical control (CNC) periphery grinders that produce ground inserts to blueprint specifications.  Maintain cam rests, anvils, and dressed wheels, and set-up/use gages and comparator for dimensional inspection to ensure conformance to blueprint specifications when setting-up cam grinders. With CNC grinders, maintain tooling and grinding wheels as well as the equipment itself.  Monitor and maintain insert quality.  May set-up and operate or set-up only depending upon operator availability.  Scan in correct information.  May train new Periphery Operators and Periphery Setups.




Must have High School diploma or GED, with 2 years manufacturing experience. Gain knowledge and understanding of the following: Reference materials; diamond and dressing wheels; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, geometry, trigonometry. Is able to load grinding programs depending on insert style.  Is able to handle inserts with fingers without chipping.  Is able to read and understand defect criteria manuals, and routings. Understands insert identification and inspection manual.  Is able to read and understand blueprints.  Use Kennametal Intranet for Global Drawing Warehouse, Edge Prep, ISO Procedures, Tooling Database, and work instructions. Is able to set-up adjustable index plates; edit and troubleshoot grinding programs; and read depth micrometers for measuring the depth of the grinding wheel.  Is able to use 30X scope.  Communicate effectively with operators, inspectors, supervisors, manufacturing service representatives and instructors, and Product Engineering.

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