Business Representative-销售代表(张家口)

河北张家口, China

Ref#: 12345716434

Date published: 27-Aug-2018

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Role purpose职位功能描述

  • Work under close supervision of ASM, achieve sales and market share     targets with channel partners, key producers and other customers, within     the assigned territory
  • 在区域经理的领导下,与渠道合作伙伴,重点客户一起完成负责区域的销售目标及提升市场份额
  •  Support Area Manager to manage     area projects
  • 支持区域经理管理区域项目
  •  Support Area Manager to design     and implement the market development plan
  • 支持区域经理设计并实施市场发展计划
  •  Regularly collect and report     market intelligence
  •   收集市场信息



  • Achieve sales and market share targets within the assigned territory     .
  • 完成所负责区域的销售目标,提升市场份额
  •  Support Area Manager to manage     area projects
  • 支持区域经理管理区域项目
  •  Clear direction promoter  to implement demand creation.
  • 清晰指导业务员开展需求拉动工作
  •  Co-work with customer     marketing on delivering the campaigns.
  • 与客户市场部共同执行市场活动
  •  Take initiative to handle the     complaint with related functional teams.
  • 与相关团队主动处理客户抱怨
  •  Collect and report market     intelligence
  • 收集市场信息
  •  Build solid and professional     relationship based on recognized expertise and trust with customers across     the assigned Territory.
  • 与当地客户与政府相关部门建立良好的关系

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