Process Development Engineer

Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Ref#: 12345716451

Date published: 27-Aug-2018

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? Provide engineering support for process and technology transfer from current manufacturing sites to Nantong.  
? Provide technical support for all decisions related to processing.  Function as engineering liaison for all decisions related to process modifications, and for all decisions related to alternative waste treatment methods.
? Develop and monitor plant energy consumption for products produced.
? Develop and implement process improvement projects with support from others as required.   
? Establish project priorities based on the key performance drivers as defined above.
? Use engineering tools and other techniques as appropriate in monitoring and improvement activities.
? Provide technical reports as needed.
Critical Knowledge:   
This concerns the 'know-how' to perform the role, which may have been gained through academic study (degree, education, and certificates), business qualifications, or on-the-job experience. Specify the type of knowledge required (e.g. of specific functional knowledge, particular systems or processes and to what level), not the know-how of the incumbent.
? Must have MS or BS degree with major in Chemical engineering or Chemistry
? Good knowledge of chemical engineering fundamentals.
? Good awareness of process safety and process risk assessment
? Good RCA capability 
? Good understanding of basic organic chemistry as well as analytical knowledge. 
? Good awareness of health and environmental control and regulations.

Critical Skills: 
? Fluent in Mandarin and English both spoken and written
? Working within a multi-cultural and multi-functional environment. 
? Innovative – ability to analyze complex and diverse problem situation creatively leading to the generation and implementation of original solutions

Critical Experience:   
This concerns the type and minimum length of relevant experience required to effectively perform the role. This includes experience/familiarity with particular processes or systems, dealing with certain products or services, and/or the experience of dealing with others - both internally and externally. 

? Experience  in process development or chemical manufacturing, preferably with a multinational foreign-invested company
? Experience in AI or fine chemical manufacturing support and/or experience in engineering project execution as key member
? Experience in process safety and process risk assessment.

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