Senior Process Development Technician

Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Ref#: 12345716450

Date published: 27-Aug-2018

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The major role of (Senior) Process Development Technician is to follow and apply Lab procedure in order to support process development and manufacturing activities at Nantong site; provide technical support and trouble-shooting for manufacturing.  He is also responsible for general process improvement to reduce product cost. Other responsibilities also include technical support related to the Global Sourcing activities.

? To carry out and to coordinate laboratory activities related to process introduction, process change, process improvement, troubleshooting, and raw material testing. 
? To aid, advise or resolve manufacturing process problems.
? To promote innovation, team work and continuous improvement. 
? To support documentation; to regularly report progress and issues. 
? To follow all the instructions and guidelines, in particular those concerning HSE. 
? To assist the maintenance of all the laboratory instruments

Critical Knowledge:   
? Must have Bachelor degree or above in Organic Chemistry or equivalent
? Understand general organic reaction mechanism and kinetics; know how to change reaction parameters to influence process yield and product quality.
? Good understanding of analytics and basic engineering is a must.
? Understanding of process safety, process risk analysis and effluent treatment methodologies.
? Basic Agro-business understanding

Critical Skills: 
? Strong organizational skills
? Working within a multi-cultural environment 
? Team working and networking
? Language skills- Ability to read, write in Mandarin and English, Oral English is a plus.
? Ability to prioritize - Ability to handle multiple tasks and achieve targets before deadlines

Critical Experience: 
? Experience in process development or chemical manufacturing.
? Experienced in process scale-ups or production. 

Essential Syngenta Competencies
? 7 Core Dimensions´╝Ü Customer focused, result oriented, team oriented, communicative, innovative, trusted, decisive
Local Level: 

Other Behaviors Critical for the role:
? Networking
? Pro-active / Self-starter
? Motivating and valuing people
? Collaborative
? Cross-functional thinking
Critical Success Factors and Key Challenges
? Realization and project support within the limits of time, costs and according to the definite safety and quality standards. 
? Self and others personal development
? Generating original and imaginative ideas and solutions to problem
? Delivering quality results under pressure in a challenging environment

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