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Date published: 22-May-2018

At Syngenta, you’ll be part of a team that is shaping the future of agriculture. Digital agriculture has the power to change the agriculture industry. Digital data and new technologies will transform the way that crops are managed in the future, and enable farmers and agronomists to enhance efficiency and sustainable food production. You will develop solutions that turns data into meaningful information and that simplifies the complexities of 21st century farming. You will connect different data sources to manage whole farm solutions. You will be playing a vital role in the food chain to safely feed the world and take care of our planet.




The Digital Delivery Lead role is responsible for the development, delivery and evangelism of Syngenta’s digital product development and digital experiment capability.

The role will work with the CP and Seeds delivery organisation as well as Syngenta Digital to address all digital product demands on a global and regional basis, as well as promoting the overall digital strategy.

The role will manage regionally distributed lab teams which comprise a mix of technical resources that will work closely with Suppliers as well as internal delivery teams and SME areas to deliver a comprehensive catalogue of digital services.

In addition, the role will also lead the agile transformation of the IT organisation, working closely with the leadership teams, business areas and Suppliers to ensure that Syngenta transforms its delivery approach to fully adapt to agile ways of working

This Delivery Lead will be responsible for the management of the day to day activities within the Lab  as well as being an experienced agile exponent, with a track record of delivering business oriented agile delivery in a complex and demanding environment, including the implementation of value stream mapping.

Accountable for pipeline management as well as live projects with an up to date knowledge of all activity, working in partnership with other global Lab Delivery Leads to maximise resource, capability and delivery through time zones.

In particular the role will require extensive experience of large scale and small scale programme and project delivery including software development using agile methodologies. 

This role will also coordinate the delivery of new digital platforms and must be experienced in delivering innovative solutions in large organisations using lean techniques.

The lab teams will deliver POCs, MVPs, experiments, technology evaluations and underpin design thinking practice. The role will also be responsible for managing multiple suppliers on both a global and regional basis, leading collaboration between regional Labs, Business teams, IT and 3rd Parties

Leadership of external collaborations with Universities, Start Up’s and Partners




·        Work closely with the Regional Leadership teams to understand, evaluate and progress digital demands, offering a range of cost effective services to support the delivery of the Business strategy

·        Deliver the digital products required by Syngenta Digital, Regional Strategic and digitisation initiatives applying agile practices to deliver iterative value based and tested change

·        To ensure that digital products are scaled in collaboration with the Business Platform teams where value determines that this is the appropriate approach

·        Support the build of Syngenta digital development capability by implementation of the regional labs, recruitment of resources and applying the digital ways of working

·        Oversee the digital delivery teams and accountable for the quality implementation of digital solutions delivered by internal and external capability

·        Lead the definition of the agile transformation programme and actively lead its delivery across IT and Suppliers

·        Lead the cultural change programme that will accompany agile transformation

·        Actively ensure that the digital delivery organisation remains digitally coherent through undertaking industry and technology research and bringing this to bear

·        Drive the recruitment and evolution of a software development capability to meet Syngenta’s needs for greater control and lower cost of delivery

·        Ensuring Labs ways of working are delivered within rigorous Scrum methodologies across the team (Stand Up’s, Sprints etc)



·        Career experience as manager working with leadership level business members and teams

·        Demonstrated career experience in multiple business domains (e.g. IT, Finance, P&S, Commercial, Shared Services)

·        Career experience in envisioning and leading high impact change projects

·        Demonstrated ability to lead and catalyze organizational change

·        Explicit and extensive agile delivery experience

·        Experience in managing innovation and lean based projects for major corporations


Critical knowledge and Education


·        University undergraduate and/or advanced degree in IT, Engineering, Computer Science, Finance, Sciences, MBA, or other relevant educational experience.

·        Additionally, this manager should be an agile-lean practioner with software and business programme and project experience

·        This leader also should be digitally savvy with an understanding of how technology can be brought to life to support business challenges

·        Charismatic and evangelical leader, actively seeking to challenge the norm and not afraid to take calculated risks to deliver results

·        Strong advocate and practitioner of value stream / value based systems of assessment

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